Blackberry Playbook accessories pricing revealed and possible release date?

There is much speculation on how much the Blackberry Playbook may cost, but the only thing we are certain on is that it won’t cost nearly as much as the Xoom.  The Playbook is Blackberry’s next major device which will determine how well the company will do in the device market for the next few years.  Fommy has gotten a hold of some of the pricing info on Blackberry OEM accessories to give you a rough idea on how much you may need to set aside to for the tablet plus accessories.  If rumors of the $499 price tag hold true, (some rumors of it going as low as $399) we may be seeing a true iPad killer at a fair price.  As pictured, the Playbook will have several options for device protection including the Blackberry Neoprene and Leather Sleeve which may extend the battery life according to the text in the image.

Most of the accessories pictured above are somewhat decently priced, and the Music Getaway looks very useful, but at a July FCS target, we may be may be waiting a while for these to come in.  The Blackberry Rapid Charging Stand seems to be the best value out of the bunch however, as it can act as both a rapid charger and tablet stand at the same price of just the charger.

The OEM carrying case is similarly priced to other cases which provide the same functionality.  So if we were to tally in a purchase of this case, along with the rumored pricing and 1 more OEM accessory, we could be looking at spending around 600 for the entire Playbook setup, which is still much cheaper than the Xoom.  Time will only tell when we can expect these accessories to come out, (or the Blackberry Playbook for that matter)  but at least we can start saving up for the next big tablet upgrade.