Tips For Taking Great Pictures With Your Smartphone


With cameras on devices such as the HTC One X now matching even the most powerful point and shoot cameras on the market, there’s very little reason to take one everywhere you go. These are moments captured in time and it can only get better once you practice. To help you on your way to become an even better photographer, here are some tips for taking great pictures with your smartphone.

Let There Be Light
Having natural light from the sun is the best way to get great looking photos from your smartphone camera, but sunlight can sometimes cast shadows on other objects according to the position of the sun. You can use your flash to help remove these extra shadows and also give the camera application a couple seconds to adapt to the current lighting conditions and balance its sensors.

Avoid Zoom
Although the theory of using digital zoom sounds great, it can practically destroy some of your best shots. Zooming into a background object only enlarges whats already there and your image won’t retain the pixel quality of any standard image without zoom. So it’s best to avoid this at all costs and if you do need to zoom in for a better view, just move closer to the object instead of standing in the back and zooming in.

Try Angles
Movement is your friend when it comes to getting the perfect lighting. If you can’t get the shot you want, keep moving until you find that sweet spot you’ve been waiting for. If you want a bit more and you have extra room on your device for images, then take photos from multiple different angles and do it from different spots so you can have more to choose from in the end.

Mode Your Way
For greater detail with smaller objects, don’t forget to use special modes such as Macro mode for the best shots. Usually found on the camera app, it’s perfect for getting up close and personal but be sure to turn it back off for landscape or portrait shots to prevent blurring. There may also be modes to help your shots blend in better with the lighting in the environment.

Ready & Steady
By knowing how long the response time is on your smartphone, you can also prevent blurry images from popping up. It’s key to hold your device steady as you’re tapping the button instead of turning away quickly after. You can test out the delay time by taking some sample shots or just wait a couple seconds for the confirmation to pop up before moving.

Apps Are Your Friend
Even with all of these tips implemented, sometimes a photo still doesn’t turn out as perfectly as you’d hope. When moments have passed and things still don’t meet your satisfaction, grab some apps to edit colors, angles or add filters to transform your photo into a unique memory for years to come.