The Six Most Stylish and Useful iPad Cases 2017 Has to Offer

Photo by Tatiana Niño on Unsplash

The new iPad models are scheduled to be released by Apple this year. If you’re a fan of the tablet device, you’re probably gearing up for their release. Like most people, you consider iPad cases to be an essential accessory for your iPad. Given that Apple is known for its fragile, gorgeous devices, having a case gives you the protection you need. Is this really all a case has to offer you? Of course, not. The six awesome iPad cases shown here are top-notch in more ways than one. Before you see them, consider one reason (other than protection) why you might require an iPad case.

They Add Style That Can Match Your Lifestyle

 iPads are easy to drop because they are big and therefore a little unwieldy. However, the right case gives your iPad the bump protection needed to survive. Outside this, though, iPad cases also add major style points to your electronics. The cases here come in a variety of materials, designs, and colors. Maybe you purchased an unoriginal, space grey iPad. With an iPad case you get a colorful case that is more likely to represent your personality and personal style choices. Granted, you won’t get the heavy-duty protection the bigger iPad cases have, but you get some pretty amazing styles, options for functionality, and colors.

Premium Full Protection Original Smart case

This is the original and best smart case you can get. It offers some of the most effective protection for your iPad or iPad mini, and is built to specification for the newly announced line being released this year. As a smart case, it offers a very useful feature in the auto sleep and wake function. When you open the lid of the case, your iPad automatically wakes the screen up so you don’t have to press any buttons. This case comes in a gorgeous blue color with a versatile flip stand to prop your tablet up.

Ultra-thin Smart Cover Case, Back PC with Rubber coating

The Ultra-Thin case is one of the best iPad cases 2017 has that is built for style and professionalism. The sleek outer appearance of the case makes it the perfect accessory for the working Apple fan. If you are getting your iPad to take to the office with you, the ultra-thin case makes it far easier to slip into a laptop bag or put in a briefcase. You also get a rubber coating on the outside that gives you added slip protection. The foldable cover provides support for working at your desk.

Ultra-thin smart cover case, Back PC with Leather wrapped

This leather wrapped case is the perfect cover to scream elegance and premium quality. Leather has the added perk of being resistant to the scratches and fingerprints that plague plastic and rubber cases. Along with this, the leather back of the cover feels absolutely incredible. It features a foldable flip stand to prop the iPad up, along with smart functionality for waking your screen up when you flip the case open. Because it is ultra-thin, it is great for putting in your backpack and briefcase.

Stylish Kickstand Flip leather case with card holders and Hand strap

This is one of the stylish iPad cases 2017 is producing. The high quality leather build feels and looks very premium indeed. It is also one of the most multi-functional cases out there. Instead of the standard foldable case that makes a stand, you get an extendable kickstand. Along with this a hand strap is included to loop around your wrist for extra drop protection. Card holders increase the storage capacity of this epic leather case, allowing you to make it double down as a wallet.

Multi-stand leather case

When it comes to simple functionality, the multi-stand leather case is one of the best out there for you to use. It comes in a gorgeous red color. Premium leather and a less rounded design make this case even more beautiful. This makes it look a lot more professional because of the sleek lines. A small cutout is present for the camera and buttons. You can adjust the stand so that it props your iPad up for different viewing angles.

Bluetooth Keyboard Kickstand leather case

For the working professional in you, nothing beats the Bluetooth keyboard stand leather case. The colors are varied and include seashell pink, sky-blue, yellow, peach, and piano black. It features an extendable bit to keep a Bluetooth keyboard on to turn your iPad into a mobile workstation.

If you’re looking for an iPad case this year, these six are what you need in your inventory. You can collect them or get just one of them. Look at your personal style requirements and needs and pick the case that works best for you. You’re going to love whichever case you pick!