How to Get the Most Out of a Smart Watch

A smart watch is the latest evolution of smart technology. It’s effectively a computer that fits on your wrist. This seems like the perfect solution for today’s fast paced world. Unfortunately, most people still don’t get the most out of their smart watches. Whether they don’t protect their purchase, don’t know how they want to use it, or simply don’t know what kind of tech it can be used in tandem with, users limit their smart watch benefits. A little investigation can make all the difference. There are lots of available apps and sync-friendly hardware on the market that help make a difference. Regular habits also extend the life of your smart watch and ensure you don’t play with it and forget it within a week. Together, these practices turn your smart watch into one of the most productive pieces of technology you’ll ever use.

Maximize Durability

Smart watches may not be as delicate as some previous pieces of personal tech, but they aren’t invulnerable. Since they’re located so close to your hands, which experience tons of bumps, scrapes, and other impacts throughout the day, smart watches benefit from extra protection. Some have shock-absorbing cases included with the basic model. Many top of the line items will need an additional investment. Just as you protect your phone with a sturdy case, you need to protect your smart watch. This will help you keep your gear in great shape for the foreseeable future, and it will boost resale value down the line. No one wants a smart device with a cracked screen, after all.

A good case should protect your smart watch from shocks and scratches. Waterproof, or at least water resistant, casing is also important. Hopefully you have good hygiene habits, and that means you’ll wash your hands throughout the day. Waterproofing ensures you don’t damage your new smart watch the first time you make a trip to the restroom.

A Smart Watch is Only as Good as Its Apps

A smart watch is just hardware. It may come preloaded with a number of apps from the manufacturer, but these aren’t always the best options. If you want to tailor your smart watch for a specific purpose, such as a workout aid or health monitor, there are superior apps for your needs. These apps may take up additional memory and limit other potential functions, but that’s to be expected when dealing with such a small, multi-purpose device. These apps help with pretty much everything, from running speed to small business management. It’s all about the apps you put on your device.

Make Your Watch a Habit

The more you use your smart watch, the more natural it will feel. Use your smart watch to set alarms, even for minor things, like checking email or brushing your teeth. This develops a cognitive link with the watch’s role as a regular tool. If you plan to use your watch as a health aid or exercise monitor, start using it right away. Wear your smart watch as much as possible and use it immediately to ensure it doesn’t just become another pretty gadget on your shelf.

Tying smart watch habits into daily routines also helps with hardware maintenance. For instance, if you always put your watch in its charger at the same time, the motion eventually becomes instinctive. After a while, your own body reminds you to recharge your device.

Look for Compatible Tech

The ‘watch’ in smart watch is a bit misleading. That single, basic function just replaces the role of a regular watch, which is worn in the same place. That’s pretty obvious, but keep in mind the size of your smart watch is also deceiving. Smart watches work with a variety of other hardware and software. This expands their function dramatically. The first and most obvious tech link is between smart phones and smart watches. Other health monitoring tools, entertainment devices, and even business email accounts can work with your smart watch. You may be able to use your watch to read and reply to mail, select something to watch on your television, and more.

Finding the right place in your life for a smart watch is the first step to a productive relationship with your tech. Ensure your device is accident-proofed with good casing, and always opt for waterproofing if it’s available. Once you protect your device, don’t hesitate to check out the best apps and complimentary devices to boost your smart watch’s productivity. After all, a smart watch is most effective as a short cut to different devices and programs. Choosing apps and finding compatible hardware is the ultimate step to making your investment worthwhile. Last, but not least, keep your smart phone with you and look for reasons to use it. Replace phone alarms with your smart watch, keep it on for health monitoring, and get creative. The most useful smart watches are always the smart watches that enjoy regular use.