How to Find the Best Protective Case for Your Phone

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash

Like most people today, your cell phone is always with you and is an important part of your daily life. If you are a smartphone owner, then it’s more likely than not that you handed over hundreds of dollars for it. If so, why not spend a little more to ensure that your device doesn’t get scratched or broken? Your smartphone faithfully serves you until you drop it on a sidewalk and suddenly the entire screen is shattered. Smartphones have begun to be designed tougher, and some are even waterproof, but the majority of them won’t survive a drop without some level of damage. Why risk damaging your smartphone when there are protective cases to withstand any drop, bump, or tumble? Here is how to find the best protective case for your phone.

Do Some Research

One of the best ways to find the best protective case is to read reviews. Simply going to cases that you are interested and reading the reviews can really help narrow down your search. Even if you are unable to find a review for a specific one you are looking at, reading a review on one that’s similar can give you a general sense of the quality. There are also various forums on the web that has people that discuss cases and post photos of them.

Pick Out Features

Picking out the features that you want in a protective case can really help narrow down the search. Some cases have 360-degree hinges, kickstands, and other neat feature. Also keep in mind the features that you do not want. Some people find that protective cases with kickstands or ones that are too bulky are annoying. Having a list of must-have features and a list of features that you do not want will help you pick out the best protective case for your phone.

Amount of Protection

If you tend to be clumsy, then dropping your cell phone is probably a daily occurrence. For this reason, it’s important to consider how much protection you personally need when it comes to picking out your protective case. When it comes to protective cases, having too much protection is possible. If you rarely put your phone in harms way, then having a huge bulky case is unnecessary. On the other hand, you don’t want to get a phone case with too little protection. If you live more of a rugged lifestyle, having a bulky protective case is critical to keeping your phone safe. Take into account how much protection you need as an individual in order to pick out the right protective case.

Rugged Cases

Rugged protective cases keep your phone extremely safe and secure, but tend to be fairly heavy and bulky. Features like air pockets and reinforced corners dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your phone, but add on some extra bulk. Rugged cases tend to be easier to grip with wet hands than to slide in and out of your pocket. These protective cases cover your entire phone, including the buttons and the touch screen, which can often make buttons harder to push and reduce touchscreen sensitivity but it does keep your phone secure and unscathed.

Tough Cases

Tough cases survive a drop without so much bulkiness. A standard combination for tough cases is a layer or hard poly-carbonate with an inner layer of a softer material, like silicone, to absorb shock. This makes the case durable, but not too bulky. Tough cases protect your phone while still allowing it to be easily accessible.

Slim Cases

If you only need a minimal amount of protection, than slim cases are the way to go. Slim cases safeguard your phone against scratches on the areas that it actually covers and boosts your phones chances of surviving a fall. These cases are typically made of TPU, which is durable and slightly malleable. Slim cases are the way to go for those that are less clumsy and live a more laid back lifestyle.

Folio Cases

Flip-open folio or wallet cases are a really great alternative to traditional protective cases. They offer all-around protection which is great for people that throw their phone into a bag or purse. The fold over top protects the screen from getting scratched up and damaged when being jumbled around in a bag. Many folio cases even come with credit card slots to serve as a sort of wallet replacement. Folio cases are more closely equivalent to slim cases when it comes to the amount of protection they provide.

Finding the right protective case doesn’t have to be hard. There are so many options out there to fit anyone’s lifestyle. By doing some research, picking out the features that you want from your phone case, and determining the amount of protection you need you can find the right protective case for your phone.