Go from Drab to Fab: Most Stylish Phone Cases of 2017

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash

When most people think of phone cases, they think of protection. Cases are expected to protect your phone from dust, dirt, water, and scratches. While phone cases should offer protection for your device, it doesn’t have to be drab. Phone cases have become trendy pieces of tech on their own but most need the added protection against bumps and drops. Instead of leaving your phone bare and vulnerable, why not protect it with a stylish case? There’s no need to go drab, when there is fab.  Here are some of the most fabulous and stylish phone cases of 2017.

Marble Case

Marble has always been known for being sleek and strong. Sleek and strong is everything that a phone case should be, so why not give it a marble design? Protect your phone from drops and dings in style with a flexible TPU material case that resemble a sheet of marble. This trend setting marble case comes in a beautiful grey and gold pattern that keeps your phone looking stylish and chic while staying protected. This case also comes in black, white, and purple marble designs. Not only does this case look good, but it also provides complete access to all ports and functions.

Rhinestone Diamond Case

Do you like to sparkle and shine? There’s nothing that screams glam more than a diamond case. Rhinestone diamond cases have been a huge trend in 2017 because it makes any phone stand out and sparkle. This case is made out of two types of material: hard case and soft case. It’s made from quality TPU and PC material that provides the best protection against drops and bumps. If diamonds are your best friend, then this is the stylish case for you.

Textured Case

Just because a case doesn’t have any crazy designs on it doesn’t mean that it’s not stylish. Some of the most stylish cases are solid colored. A perfect example of a stylish solid case is this textured case is a carbon black with texture design equipped with a durable hard shell with a soft finish. It’s able to resist shock from accidental bumps and drops and provide overall phone protection. This case also snaps on perfectly around your device. This case is perfect for those that have more of a simple style.

Flip Case

Not only is this flip case stylish, it’s also convenient. This case features two credit card slots which can hold up to four cards, as well as a hook-and-loop method of closure. It’s made with premium leather and a durable inner shell that provides full coverage. It comes in a sleek black or beautiful rose gold. It’s no surprise that this flip style case is a popular choice for 2017 because of its protective coverage and sleek design. It’s the perfect combination of case and wallet.

Repetitive Print Case

Modern and edgy pattern cases have become increasingly popular in 2017. This watermelon case and flamingo case are the perfect examples of how stylish these repetitive print cases can be. These cases give you some fashion flair points with their whimsical design. They are made of soft gel TPU that protects from everyday wear and tear. The semi-transparent design lets your phone’s original design add to the beautiful print. These cases also fit the shape of your phone perfectly so that no bulkiness is added. You can’t go wrong with a repetitive print case. There is a stylish print out there to fit anyone.

Nature Case

Nature is beautiful, so why not make a beautiful nature printed case? Cases with tropical, woodsy, and overall nature looking prints have become extremely popular. Nature printed cases can be anything from tropical leaves to an all wood case. This beautiful woodland fern print case is a perfect example of how stylish nature printed cases can be. This TPU case is perfect for nature lovers and brings the outdoors to your pocket.

Providing your phone with maximum protection shouldn’t have to be boring. There are so many fashionable and stylish cases to choose from. The most stylish cases of 2017 are marble, rhinestone diamond, textured, flip, and cases. Not only are these cases chic, but they also provide great overall coverage for your device. Fommy has the largest and best collection of cell phone cases out there. We have cases to fit anyone style. Next time you want to bring your phone from drab to fab, check out Fommy for your cell phone accessory needs.