The Top Five Benefits of Vehicle Mounts

Like most people, your cell phone most likely goes everywhere with you, especially to the car. To help prevent distracted driving, vehicle mounts are the perfect solution. As more states begin implementing laws to encourage hands free devices and less distracted driving, it’s becoming necessary to find ways to comply with these new laws.

It’s hard to imagine a world without cell phones, especially as they continue to integrate seamlessly into our daily lives. These pocket computers allow us play music, search the web, check our emails, take pictures, and countless of other things that help aid everyday life. Today, it’s not uncommon for people to use their phone for the GPS, music, or to chat while driving. Unfortunately, with the increased number of cell phone users and their dependency on them there has also been an increase in the number of automobile accidents due to distracted driving.

Even though cell phones are used throughout the day, there are certain times when cell phone use should be limited. While people insist that it’s best to pull over to use your phone, it’s not always that simple. Not everyone uses their phone in the car for texting. If you use your phone’s GPS for directions, pulling over on a busy highway could be more dangerous than using a vehicle mount. It is possible to use your cell phone safely in the car without causing distractions. Thankfully, vehicle mounts provide a great way for drivers to use their cell phone hands-free while driving. With this in mind, let’s take a look the top five benefits of using vehicle mounts in your car.

Accident Prevention

As mentioned before, with more people owning and using cell phones, car accidents caused by distracted driving become more of a common occurrence. Unfortunately, this is a direct result of multi-tasking while driving.  For example, many drivers text, surf the web, shuffle music, and a number of other activities on their phones while driving. However, using your cell phone in the car does not have to be dangerous. Cell phones can be a helpful companion on the road with features such as GPS and music. Using vehicle mounts to hold your cell phone at eye level, instead of resting it in your lap or cup holder, allows you to see text messages and notifications without taking your eyes off the road. This allows you to safely use your cell phone without even touching it.

Clear Conversations

Trying to hold your cell phone and talk while driving is not only dangerous but it also makes it difficult to pay attention to the actual conversation. Vehicle mounts offer a hands-free way to chat while driving without having to take a hand off of the wheel. Placing your cell phone on a vehicle mount allows you to answer calls without distracting you from the road. It also allows you to clearly hold cell phone conversations. To make it even easier, you can assign a voice command for your cell phone.


Listening to music while driving is not uncommon. It can be fun to jam out to your favorite tunes on the road. While listening to the radio is still enjoyed by some, most people listen to music off of their cell phones. Trying to shuffle through your songs while driving can be both frustrating and difficult. Vehicle mounts allow you to easily access your phone to change songs without having to physically grasp the phone in the palm of their hands. This lets you simply tap the screen to change songs and keep your focus on the road. This way you can safely enjoy your favorite songs on the road.


A Global Positioning System, or GPS is a widely used feature on cell phones. It provides an easy way to get from point A to point B by displaying maps and directions. The GPS usually comes with voice assistance to keep your focus on the road rather than on your phone. However, it can often be difficult to rely solely on voice assistance to give you directions. Displaying your phone with a vehicle mount allows you to both see and hear GPS directions without having to take your hand off of the steering wheel. Not only does this keep you safe, but it also gets you to your destination more efficiently.

Passenger Entertainment

While the driver needs to focus on the road, passengers are able to use a vehicle mount for entertainment while riding along in the car. Vehicle mounts are a great way for passengers to easily watch videos and movies on long drives. They can be rotated to perfectly display the movie or video to the passengers, but to still shield it from the driver to prevent distractions.

Vehicle mounts provide some great assets to have in the car. Most importantly, they help prevent accidents from cell phone distraction. In addition, they also help clear up conversations and make shuffling through music easier. You can even perfectly display GPS directions on your phone. Lastly, they allow you to provide entertainment for passengers.  Using your cell phone while driving does not have to be dangerous. Vehicle mounts allow you to use all the cell phone features you love, without distracting you from the road ahead.