Best Drones of 2017

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

Drones have become all the rage in 2017, which is no surprise. Drones have multiple uses, from being a fun way to expand your creative horizon to aiding soldiers in combat. Because drones are so versatile, it can often be hard to put them all in the same category. The best drone is whatever fits your intentions for it. The same drone may not work the same for different people. Don’t waste your money on a drone that is too advanced or not advanced enough for you. When it comes to drones, here are some tips on how to find the best drone for you, and some of the best to choose from in 2017.

Check The Price Tag

The saying, “You get what you paid for,” is true. A good drone is going to cost you a good amount of cash. Some models include features such as lightweight imaging and cinematic tech. However, you aren’t going to get that aerial-platform image with just any drone. You get what you pay for, and if you really are wanting to capture those images or great footage, then you should be ready to spend a little cash. Not all drones cost thousands of dollars. There are cheaper drone options that are still perfect for things like flying or even capturing basic images and footage. If you don’t intend on capturing stunning images and just want a drone to fly around, there are several cheaper, but still high quality, options on the market. Just simply checking the price tag can let you know the quality and whether or not it will fit what you need it for.

Check Your Skill Level

Drones are mostly popular because they are a fun piece of technology. However, there are people and corporations that use drones for a lot more than toys. There are several drones on the market equipped with high-tech equipment. While these special additions may be essential for those who use drones professionally, they are not needed for novices. Make sure that you pick a drone that is on your skill level. Checking your skill level will prevent you from spending an unnecessary amount of money on a fancy drone that you don’t truly need for what you are wanting it to accomplish.

Ei-Hi S666 Mini

This drone stands out among the rest, and for a good reason. The S666 features 2.4 GHz radio control and has the latest 6-axis flight control. This 6-axis flight control system permits a smoother and more stable flight. Are you wanting your drone to perform tricks? The S666 model can achieve a 3D flip-and-roll action all while displaying colorful LED lights. Along with flipping and rolling, this drone has 3 different flight speeds and can stay flying for up to 8 minutes.

WonderTech W304R Nebula 2.4 with HD Camera

With smartphones in virtually everyone’s pockets, connectability is a must when it comes to drones. The WonderTech Nebula is a brand new Quadcopter that can connect to any iPhone and/or Android device. This means that while your drone is flying high in the sky, you can receive live video footage via Wi-Fi directly to your portable device. Besides being able to see heights from the palm of your hands, the WonderTech Nebula also includes a roll feature, 6-axis flight control system to provide a stable flight, and it can be controlled more than 50 meters away.

Yike YK019 Aviator 8 Predator 2

This drone offers 2.4GHz to deliver the best performance possible without any interference from any other transmitters. The Yike Predator 2 offers an advanced flying experience with features like 3D flip-and-roll action along with the advance “Headless Mode” This mode helps if you lose track of the copter orientation and it activates the CF mode to reset the drone’s orientation. Its LED lights, along with black design, gives it a sleek, professional finish.

Ei-Hi S18C Space Quadcopter

If you are looking for a drone that offers a little more fly time, then check out the S18C. With its 3.7V 600 mAh battery, your drone can fly for up to 10 minutes. The S18C is perfect for the outdoors with its LED lights and controlling distance of over 80 meters. It also offers some great flying features, such as 3D flip-and-roll action, along with 3 flight speeds.

Drones are now used by all kinds of people. Drones are used to take breathtaking landscape imagery or to just fly around for fun in your backyard. No matter what you use your drone for, Fommy provides the best. We provide all of these drones and more electronic accessories. With thousands of electronics and accessories, there is something for everyone at Fommy. To find the best drones of 2017, check out Fommy.