Benefits of Using LED Spinners

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Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm. Seemingly out of nowhere, kids and adults are all getting their hands on spinners. There are now over 350 different companies selling fidget spinners online. With more and more fidget spinners showing up online and in the stores, many have begun to wonder if these spinners have any benefits. One of the reasons that fidget spinners have gained so much popularity is because they carry many benefits, especially for aiding mental health. Here are the benefits that come with using spinners:


Help Manage Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the most common causes of health problems. Over 12% of people have been affected by some form of anxiety in any given year. Anxiety can cause health problems such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, and other neural problems. In more severe cases, anxiety can cause physical health problems such as chest pains and heart-related complications. While anxiety may be common, many people have found effective ways to deal with it. It’s important to calm down and take deep breaths to keep our mental health in check. Using fidget spinners when you are feeling anxious or need help calming down from an anxiety attack has proven to be effective. Anxiety is often caused by terrible thoughts creeping their way into your mind. Spinners move with ease, allowing the ball bearings inside the body to support and maintain the spin with little to no effort. The perpetual motion helps to ease the mind and induces you with feelings of order and self-assurance. Something as simple as spinning a fidget spinner can help to ease anxiety.


Calm Your Nerves


Fidgeting is common among a lot of people, but those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) seem to fidget the most. Many people tend to turn to biting their nails, pulling out their hair, or doing some other less sanitary habit. Fidget spinners are simply a different tool to lessen that “pins and needles” feeling that often comes with sitting still. They also come in many different shapes that can produce very relaxing patterns, or they’re equipped with LED lights that turn on when they are spinning. Spinner patterns can help calm you and help you to feel less anxiety throughout your day, similar to the way staring at the fish movements in a coy pond can relax you.


Distract You at Work


Occasionally, everyone needs a break from work, especially those of us who sit at a desk, staring at a monitor all day. A fidget spinner can be a great stress reliever in the middle of the workday, provided that the spinner doesn’t get confiscated. Being trapped in one place day after day can be tiring to the mind. Using a fidget spinner can give you a break from your daily tasks and give your mind a little refresher before getting on with the day.


Open Up Conversation


Cool technology has become widely accepted in most places. More and more people use “nerdy” products because there is no longer a reason to be ashamed of being a geek or nerd. Awkwardness and neediness have become the new cool. Having a spinner in your hand is a great way to start a conversation with strangers. With so many individuals using fidget spinners, many people can connect over the benefits of them, or even just the fact that their design is cool.




Fidget spinners are essentially new-age stress balls. Instead of squeezing a squishy ball, people are now spinning a toy. Fidget spinners open doors for new therapeutic ways to help de-stress children and adults. While stress balls may work for some, they do not work for all people. The simple action of moving your fingers and concentrating on a simple task can help de-stress you. Many adults have begun to use fidget spinners because of their de-stressing benefits.


Distract from Fits


Children with Autism have been known to have major meltdowns. They are unable to cope with sudden change, new situations, or situations that involve high levels of emotion. Being in these situations can cause those with Autism to have severe fits or episodes. Many parents use distraction techniques to get the child’s mind off of the bothersome issue that caused the fit. Many parents have begun to use spinners as a distraction technique to help children.


Fidget spinners may seem like silly toys, but they do provide some helpful benefits to both children and adults. Spinners can help manage anxiety, calm your nerves, distract you from work/school, start a conversation, de-stress you, and distract Autistic children from episodes. All of these benefits come from spinning a simple toy throughout the day, or whenever the need arises. When it comes to fidget spinners, Fommy provides the best. Fommy provides the best fidget spinners to fit anyone’s style. To find a wide variety of spinner options, check out Fommy.