How to Choose the Best Note 8 Accessories

Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

So, you recently purchased Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8. Your next purchase ought to include some of the best Note 8 accessories to go along with it. When it comes to choosing accessories for your portable device, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. These include your daily activities, how much you use your device, how much you drop your device, and how often you are able to charge your device. In order to get the most out of your Note 8, you’re going to need the right accessories. Use this guide for choosing the best Note 8 accessories for you.


Samsung’s S Pen

The S Pen comes along with the Galaxy Note 8, but is definitely a beneficial Note 8 accessory. This Note 8 accessory allows you to utilize the Live Message feature of the Note 8.  This fun feature lets you draw emojis, animated GIFs, and handwritten messages on photos. It also acts as a great accessory when it comes to using other Note 8 features like Screen Off Memo. This feature lets you scribble up to 100 pages of messages on the always-on screen, even when your phone is locked.


Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack

Being stuck with your battery approaching empty is not a position that most people like to be in. Samsung’s Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack guarantees that Samsung Note 8 stays charged, even on the go. Its 5100mAh capacity recharges your phone to a full charge, twice. It is also compatible with Samsung’s Fast Charge. As a result, it can recharge your Note 8 up to 1.5 times faster than a standard USB charger. With the LED power indicator, you always know the amount of power remaining.


Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

A neat feature that the Note 8 provides is its wireless charging capabilities.  That’s why the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand pairs nicely with your Note 8. It charges your phone 1.4 times faster than a regular wireless charge, and provides a sleek design while doing it. The charging dock comes in multiple colors such as: black, white, gold, and silver. This way, you can get a charging stand that matches your desk’s aesthetic. There is also an LED light that indicates whether or not your Note 8 is aligned properly to charge. Along with charging your Note 8, the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand is also compatible with Qi devices. This means that it works with any older series phones, such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.


Gear VR

For those fascinated with VR or virtual reality, Samsung offers a compatible Gear VR headset. It’s the perfect accessory for your Note 8. Simply fit your Note 8 in front of the headset’s lenses and plug it into the USB Type-C adapter. With the VR headset, you can use any of the more than 800 apps to experience all kinds of digital worlds. Also available, is a Gear VR controller. It allows you to swipe and tap through a wide variety of VR games.


Fast Charge Vehicle Charger

If having a portable battery pack or wireless charging stand isn’t enough, then Samsung also offers an Adaptive Fast Charging Vehicle Charger. It plugs directly into any standard cigarette lighter and can charge your Note 8 from zero to 50 percent in around 30 minutes. It also comes with a detachable USB to Micro USB adapter to provide more adaptability to charge non-Note devices as well.


Gear 360 Camera

If having an amazing camera is important to you, then the Gear 360 Camera is the Note 8 accessory for you. While the Note 8 may have dual rear cameras that take amazing snapshots, the Gear 360 takes your photos and videos to the next level. It has IP rated splash-and-dust- resistant 180-degree sensors shoot 30-megapixel photos and 4K (3,840 x 1,920 pixels) 30 frames-per-second videos. It’s also companion software combines that data with a single 360-degree or panoramic photo. The Gear 360 can be controlled by your Note 8, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Plus with the Gear 360 companion app. This way you can get a live feed of what your camera is viewing and tweak the shooting parameters to get the best image possible.


Accessories can help take your Note 8 to the next level. With the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 sure to be a hit, it’s important to stay up to date with the best Note 8 accessories available. There is a Note 8 accessory to aid anyone’s life from creating captivating images with the Gear 360 Camera to jotting down notes and ideas with the S Pen. When it comes to finding the best Note 8 accessories, look no further than Fommy. We have thousands of phone accessories to fit anyone’s lifestyle and aesthetics. For any questions or concerns about Note 8 or any other device accessories, you can visit Fommy’s website or contact them at 1(800)372-7020.