A Closer Look At Smartphones And Our Health

A Closer Look At Smartphones And Our Health

Ever since they exploded in popularity and prevalence, smartphones have remained a controversial subject. In particular, many claim that they are having a negative impact on our health in numerous ways. Some examples include:

  • Reducing social interaction and decreasing overall mood
  • Creating a more sedentary lifestyle
  • Increasing the risk of injuries due to distracted driving
  • And more

But we think it’s important to understand that while smartphones can potentially harm our health, the fact is that they can also benefit our health as well. In short, they’re a kind of double-edged sword that bring positive and negatives to our health and fitness, depending on the situation and how we use them.

Think about some of the ways you can use them to improve health to see what we mean.

  • Putting fitness apps on the phone or a wearable device lets you track your health and monitor your fitness goals.
  • Other apps may help inspire you towards being more physically active.
  • You can search the internet to find information on injuries or to find a good workout plan
  • Streaming videos on your smartphone or tablet can serve as a guide through a workout
  • Healthy recipes are just a screen touch away
  • You can use them to connect with others who share your fitness goals

And those are just a few examples. Going even further, think about things like Pokémon Go, which has inspired people to get up and get active, walking more as they search for Pokémon. The Houston area, for example, is filled with different places that Pokémon hunters head to.

And when you pair your devices with the right Wireless accessories, you get even more from your phone. Chargers can help keep your device charged and tracking your fitness, and headphones can give you the tunes you need to stay motivated on the go.

The bottom line is simple – you have plenty of different options when it comes to getting more from your smart phone or tablet. Yes, they can negatively impact our health – but only if we let them. It’s a better call to use them for good, and help improve your health and fitness in the process.

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