Tips and tricks for your Android device

With the popularity of the Android operating system growing exponentially day by day, more people are starting to get these android powered devices in their hands. It can, however, sometimes be difficult  to figure out the best ways to get the most out of your Android device. To help, I’ve listed the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your investment.

Call your favorite contacts with one click: Android actually lets you create icons on your home screen for contacts. To add this, press and hold an empty space on your screen. A menu will pop up and you should
select shortcuts and then contact. You then scroll through your list of contacts and click on the person you’d like to add. Now this person is on your home page and only a tap away.

Search with your voice: Google’s search app lets you search the web or your phone by using only your voice. Tap the microphone next to the search bar and record your search. It’s easy and accurate.

Type with your voice: this would be incredibly useful when you’re driving and need to send a text. Just tap the mic button at the bottom of the message screen and say what you would like in the text and the
device will automatically write it down for you.

Use your phone as a portable hard drive: simply plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable and you can activate Android’s storage mode. This will allow you to swap files between your computer and phone.

Quickly access special characters: if you want to get to a special character like a comma or back slash quicker, tap and hold the period key. A box will pop up that has commonly used special characters.

Sync with social networks: when you install apps for services like Facebook or LinkedIn, you have the option to sync that information with your phone’s contacts. After downloading one of these apps, go to settings, then accounts and sync to set it up.

Save battery by closing running apps: Android allows you to view how much power each open app is using. Go to settings and then running services to view the list. If something is open that you don’t need, tap it and select stop to close the app.