Best iPhone 8 Case Material

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Cell phone cases are a necessity when it comes to minimizing wear and tear on your iPhone. As for iPhone 8 case materials, there are a wide variety of options. Each material has their own merits and demerits. Even though the iPhone 8 can withstand drops and scratches more than the previous generations, it still requires a reliable case to guarantee protection. A few of the more popular cell phone case materials are metal, wood, plastic, leather, and fiber. The choice between materials comes down to factors such as: appearance, environment, easy usage, give, and overall protection. Here are some favorite cell phone case materials to help you decide which iPhone 8 case material is the best for you.


Many high-end mobile devices use metal because it has a good reputation of feeling smooth, cool, and expensive. Metal tends to be slightly heavier than other case material. Common metals used to make metal iPhone 8 cases include: aluminum, brass, titanium, and alloy. Sometimes more expensive metals such as gold are also used to create a case. Choosing metal as an iPhone 8 case can sometimes weaken your cell phone’s signal because it reflects radio waves. Metal cases offer the best protection because it creates a hard exterior that can withstand impacts without breaking or chipping. Choosing a metal iPhone 8 case gives your phone great protection along with a unique, sleek look.


Wood cell phone cases are the easiest phone cases to customize. With wooden phone cases, you can engrave or etch custom designs to create a personalized phone case. Wood such as bamboo, redwood, and cherry are often used to create wood phone cases because of their unique coloring. Along with making your iPhone 8 look great, wood phone cases are able to withstand bumps and scratches. Customized wooden cases make your phone look like a unique piece of art.


Plastic cell phone cases are one of the most widely used cell phone case materials on the market. Plastic iPhone 8 cell phone cases can add personality and protection to your phone without breaking your wallet. There are a wide variety of plastic materials used to make iPhone 8 cases, but the most popular are polyurethane and polycarbonate.

Polyurethane is an inexpensive case material option that comes in either a soft or hard form. The plastic is easily molded into any desired shape and can have many customized designs and patterns. Polyurethane is also easy to recycle when no longer in use. Polycarbonate is a tough, durable, and lightweight case material. It provides maximum protections against drops and is even used in products such as: bullet proof glass, storage containers, and eyeglasses. There is also the option to add coatings or additives to protect the material from harmful UV rays that can degrade it as well as bumps and scratches. When choosing a plastic case, there are a lot of options and levels of protections available.


Both leather and synthetic leather are a classic choice when it comes to cell phone cases. Natural leather is a premium phone case material that comes from animal hides while synthetic is made from plastics such as polyester and polyurethane. Leather conveys style and elegance while providing protection against chipping, scratches, water and other daily wear and tear. Choosing leather also means that your iPhone 8 case will improve with age while maintaining a rich, quality feel.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber phone cases are made by weaving together strands of carbon to produce a lightweight material that has proven to be even stronger than steel. Carbon fiber phone cases are one of the more expensive iPhone 8 cases to buy, but their sophisticated lightweight material and strength will keep your new phone in mint condition. There is not a lot of variety when it comes to choosing a carbon fiber iPhone 8 case, but it’s worth it for its sleek and strong features.

Both style and protection are important. There is no phone case that fits everyone’s style and daily activities. However, there is a wide array of great iPhone case material that can keep your cell phone looking stylish and protected. When it comes to cell phone accessories, FOMMY has it all. We have a large variety of iPhone 8 cases to protect anyone’s cell phone. To find the right case for your iPhone 8, check out FOMMY.