Cell Phone Cases

No matter what brand you are carrying, we get you your kind of cell phone cases right away because we have largest and best collection of cell phone cases. These cell phone cases come in many different colors, materials, shapes and sizes as per your needs. Materials include leather, metal, silicone, and plastic. Some are having additional functions like sleeper function that will power down or power off your phone when not in use to preserve battery life. Some are so good that you will never have to take them off once you put them on the cell phone device. You can talk, type, message and even charge your Samsung Devices device without taking it out of the case. Still other cell phone cases are more fashionable and made from luxurious materials like Silicone, Ostrich or Alligator. Do not worry, we have wide range of varieties like in styles, cuts and fit which ensure you to get the most fashionable for your cell phone, at lowest prices. Due to extremely slim profile and impact resistant flexible Snap on case protects the back and sides of your cell phone which makes it valuable. These cases are specifically designed for protecting from dust, scratches, moisture or water contact. As you know there are many online stores are available for cell phone accessories in the market, but know nobody provide their own production accessories with good quality. But we have our own production of cell phone accessories name as Amzer. So, don't worry about the quality product. We are here to take care of it. What you are waiting for? Order now and give you a new look to your device. You can check our multiple series of cell phone screen protectors, cell phone cables and cell phone vehicle mount too.

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Amzer® Border Case - Yellow
SKU: 96962
$ 7.95
Amzer® Border Case - Black
SKU: 96963
$ 7.95
Amzer® Border Case - Red
SKU: 96964
$ 7.95
Amzer® Border Case - Sky Blue
SKU: 96965
$ 7.95
Amzer® Border Case - White
SKU: 96967
$ 7.95
PureGear® GripTek Case  - Black
SKU: 95992
$ 19.95
Amzer® Shellster™ - White
SKU: 94528
$ 14.95
Amzer® Shellster™ - Red
SKU: 94529
$ 14.95
Amzer® Shellster™ - Purple
SKU: 94702
$ 14.95
Amzer® Shellster™ - Hot Pink
SKU: 94704
$ 14.95
Amzer® Shellster™ - Blue
SKU: 94705
$ 14.95
Amzer® Snap On Case - Black
SKU: 94825
$ 10.95
Amzer® Snap On Case - White
SKU: 94826
$ 10.95
Amzer® Snap On Case - Red
SKU: 94823
$ 10.95