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SKUNO: 300052
Jul 21, 2014

This case is bang on value for money, much better than otter box which is more expensive i love it.. Just wish it was also available for my wifes iPhone.
SKUNO: 300014
Jul 21, 2014
This is a fantastic product I love it for my S5!
SKUNO: 300021
Jul 21, 2014
Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Black on Blue Shell Tempered Glass with Holster
Thomas Tree
SKUNO: 95113
Mar 20, 2014
Perfect fitexcellent protection
This black TPU case fits my i8190 perfectly. I purchased this case after my phone had accumulated several scratches on the silver bezel wrapped around it. Upon fitting the case, it covers the bezel completely. The overall feel exudes confidence that the phone will be protected, despite the smooth rubber finish. The cutouts are not too shabby. There is no plastic residue which is usually left from low quality molding shells. Buttons are covered but arent easily pressed, meaning that the fit of this case was measured very well. For a TPU case, this is a very high quality one. I am confident of the level of protection this TPU hybrid case provides. Several drops from a height of four (4) feet have no negative effect on the phone or the case.