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SanDisk 1GB Universal MicroSD Mobile Memory Kit
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SanDisk 1GB Universal MicroSD Mobile Memory Kit

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Turn your phone into an entertainment hub or your office desk with added memory. Extra memory can be used just by about everyone and 1GB is the max capacity size allowed so why not go for the most protection and capacity? 1GB of memory will ensure that you have plenty of room for documents, photos, music, videos, podcasts and more! This kit comes with adapters from SanDisk to be used in any SD or microSD slot in any device. Easily transfer, save, and enjoy your favorite content across multiple SD based devices with one card. Mobile memory can help you get more in your day than you realize. Imagine being at the airport or in a meeting and needing to store some information. It also reduces the need to carry around CDs or bulky laptops. Plus, added memory can help you enjoy life more too. Easily be able to store your favorite music, songs, picture albums and even podcasts. SanDisk is a great name in memory and you won't regret getting this 1GB Universal MicroSD Mobile Memory Kit. With plenty of capacity for large files and a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty, you should definitely trust the world leader in flash memory for backing up your life.


Fommy Product Review:

Sandisk has been producing memory for over twenty years now, making them one of the eldest in the market. They and the memory they have produces has evolved and grown, not just in size but in scope as well. They started simply trying to give digital cameras some storage, but the technology has been applied to everything from the now popular "thumb drives" to extremely tiny MicroSD cards so common now in mobile phones. Regardless, Sandisk has always been a quality manufacturer, even for more affordable products, they have done well to keep up with competition while maintaining a high quality standard and still find the time and resources to innovate new products and technologies.

Their MicroSD card kits come with more than just a simple card to plug into your phone, they come with two adapters as well. More than likely your phone only requires the card itself, but the adapters can serve a variety of purposes. You can always multipurpose the card as well, you can insert the card into a camera, take a picture with the memory card installed and then move it right back to your phone to send it away or use it as a background for example.

To start, lets look at the largest, this is simply an SD adapter. And just like the other adapter, you simply slide the memory card into the port and then click it into a compatible device. Typically, the SD card is for larger mobile devices, and rarely used for mobile devices anymore. Youll most commonly see SD cards in use in cameras and camcorders, where have a small unit of fairly cheap reusable memory is quite a boon. But it is also seen on a variety of devices, from the PDAs of yesteryear to storage of downloads on Nintendos famous Wii console. As well, this is the most common sized SD card port youre likely to find on a printer or computer as well, making it very easy to shoot and print or download things from your phone to your computer. In general though, regular SD cards are much larger than the microSD + adapter combination (who are reported to reach 2 TB this year), but being able to use it in a variety of devices is very handy.

The second adapter is called a MiniSD, and is a bit of a black sheep in the SD card family and in generally sees the least use, mainly because for the most part it has the same capacity of its small brethren, the MicroSD. Its still used in some newer mobile phones and (non-apple) MP3 players, but has significantly fallen out of use in the last year. Some manufactures still produce the occasional device that uses it though.

Last but not least, is the MicroSD card itself. Its quite tiny but holds a lot of space. To put it in comparison, the 8 GB MicroSD card holds more than three thousand times more memory than my first computer. This card is what is most commonly used in mobile devices these days, phones in particular. There is one thing you should beware of though, many SD cards bear the moniker "HC" or "High Capacity", you should make sure your phone/device is compatible with high capacity cards before purchasing them, they simply wont work with incompatible devices. On the flip side, they are backwards compatible, so if your phone/device does support high capacity cards it WILL support non-high capacity cards.

If you dont know how much space youre likely to take up, here is some average statistics based on a GB (gigabyte of usage). These arent exact by any means but should give you a good guideline:

1 GB : 250 songs : 1000 photos taken with a 2 megapixel camera : 5.5 hours of video recorded at 384 kbps with MPEG-4 encoding

And as a quick note, you wont get exactly the space printed on the card. Many of the cards have software on them to begin with (auto-loaders for example), that can be removed, but many devices will install things on them as well, so you wont get the full capacity in storage. This space loss doesnt take into consideration memory conversion either; it would be a lengthy explanation to explain exactly what I mean, but to put it simply: the way most people calculate memory size and the way manufacturers label memory arent exactly the same. Its the same thing on hard drives as well, if you buy a 160GB hard drive, you wont get exactly 160GB.

Regardless, I hope this information was helpful. Sandisk produces great quality memory and is very flexible.


  • The SanDisk microSD Mobile Memory Kit gives you a high performance!
  • Makes migrating to a new phone simple — take your memory with you.
  • Remarkable flexibility — never worry about which card fits your phone.
  • Supports all SD formats such as SD, miniSD Card or microSD.
  • High storage capacity holds your most precious data.
  • Instantly expands your phone’s memory.


  • Storage Capacity: 1GB.
  • SD and miniSD Adapters.
  • Manufacturer: SanDisk.
  • Manufacturer Part No: SDSDQ-1024-A11MK.
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