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Palm® (OEM) Desktop Cradle

Palm® (OEM) Desktop Cradle

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Made by : PALMONE
Part No : 6685
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  • Treo 650
  • Treo 680
  • Treo 700p
  • Treo 700w
  • Treo 700wx
  • Treo 750v
  • TREO 755P
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This original Treo Desktop Cradle provides quick,easy clear connection and rapid synchronization.its a perfect complement for mobile professionals.You can Synchronize and recharge your Treo Smartphone with any USB-enabled Notebook, PC and MAC. It holds your Treo smartphone at a comfortable reading angle and provides convenient access on your desk .it is Convenient for travelers and business can be taken anywhere easily.Package contains: one cradle and one USB cable.



  • Solidly constructed and heavier than the standard Palm handheld cradle.
  • Treo insertion and removal is easier on this cradle than ever.
  • The added base weight is a huge bonus here.
  • Styling-wise flat black Treo cradle
  • Very handy spare battery charging pocket.
  • The spare battery charging pocket.
  • Can trickle charge over USB even with the Treo in the cradle.
  • The cradle LED illuminates red or green to indicate charging status of the spare battery.
  • A USB sync/charge cable identical to the one included with Palm devices.

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